👋 Hey Tailwind

Heard you're looking for
a Design Engineer 👀

Let me introduce myself:

I'm Anna Erbetta, Sr Product Designer that loves front-end and design systems

Things about this job opening that got me thrilled:

Code and design

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The idea of being able to get my design into code myself really shines to me. Especially because I'm really into organizing and building code that reflects design, and vice versa.

New learnings

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As you progress in your career, the opportunity to learn new things shines. It's always good to breath fresh tools air.

Design tools!!!!!!

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What's better than designing a product? Designing products that make other products! I've designed page builders and design tools before, and it was a very cool experience.

Tailwind CSS

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I love the way Tailwind is built for making the management and building of components and tokens. Being able to work with the team that made this awesome tool would be fire 🔥

What I bring to the table:

Designer who codes

Started my journey on Neopet's HTML at 11. Today, I'm a Senior Product Designer and Front-end developer, working as the glue between all phases of building a digital product. From Figma to Javascript. From tracing the strategy to iterating new versions based on feedback. My stack: React, Angular, Tailwind, SCSS and Typescript.

Going beyond tools

As a Product Designer, I go beyond building digital products. I'm well versed in marketing, business strategy and project management.

Mentoring and teaching

I've been a CSS/SCSS teacher for full-stack developers on a tech school. I also offer free mentoring on ADPList, and been on top 1% of design mentors for four consecutive months.
I believe on learning by teaching, and that everyone has something to contribute with <3

Community impact

I'm also a content creator and producer for Tech Career (yeap, I deep dive on subjects I like - don't even get me started on traffic management on City Skylines). Besides mentoring, I've been posting videos and articles. Last year I've reached a cool milestone: was interviewed by Jakob Nielsen on the state of UX in LATAM 🙂

Projects I'm proud of:

One of my most impactful project, that I had the opportunity to work as both designer and front-end engineer. Technologies used: ServiceNow, Angular.
Quick video showcasing my most recent and the one I'm most proud of